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This porcelain pendant is formed hand formed. It is glazed in a clear glaze and fire to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. I then add the image of the a nautilus in a 3rd firing and the image is adhered to the surface of the pendant. The pendant measures .75″. It hangs on an 20″ sterling silver snake chain with a sterling silver jump ring.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, a century and a half ago, saw the metaphorical significance of the chambered home of the Nautilus. These fascinating seashells are spiral in shape and consist of a series of ever-larger chambers in each of which the sea creature lives for a season until it outgrows that particular space. The Nautilus then enlarges its shell by the addition of a new chamber suitable for the next stage of its life.

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Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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