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    Janson Pottery

    Birthday Parties

    Well the holidays are upon us. In my family, we are not big on spending a lot of money on gifts and prefer to see the season as a time to get together with family, catch up and enjoy one another’s company. My daughter is not quite 4 and is beginning to get pretty excited about the big guy. She, of course, gets spoiled with gifts.

    Her birthday is in January and is now very aware of her upcoming celebration. She wants to have a party and we have decided to have a small gathering of her friends. When I was a child, I remember my Aunt went to Florida and brought my sister and I back a plastic dish set. We played with it a lot. My own child loves playing in the clay and loves to ask me questions about how I make things. So far we are having 3 or 4 children who I know quite well and I thought instead of doing loot bags, that I would make them each a small cup for their small hands and they would have it for their whole life. I will be adding a few other things like a dot to dot book or a puzzle journey book because like items that I have meaning. I am placing their initial on their cup and am working on some new pastel glaze colours for them. The parents of these children are handmade fans as well, so I know that they will take good care of these special cups too.