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    Janson Pottery


    Some days I marvel at how amazing life can be. I have a wonderful understanding family which I believe that we create for ourselves. Sometimes the lessons that our lives bring us aren’t what we would like but nevertheless there is something for us to learn from it. I feel truly blessed to have the life that I do. 

    Many years ago before I got married, I read a book called “On The Way To The Wedding” which spoke about transforming the love relationship. It had a profound effect on how I saw marriage.  At the deepest level, the wedding that we seek is really a wedding within ourselves. To have a whole, healthy relationship with another person requires me to be whole and healthy myself. 

    I find that when my wedding anniversary is approaching, I find myself quite unconsciously examining what requires attention and what I am learning, where we are as a couple and who we like to become as we evolve in our relationship. A few years ago, I found that things that needed attention would get stirred up in me many weeks prior to our anniversary and I would bring situations forth, so that they could be worked on. In my experience, the work of a loving relationship is a journey that requires attention on a consistent basis. I do my best not to let anything slip by and think that it will not matter later because inevitibly it does matter later. 
    A few years we decided to remove our rings and return them to one another in order to prepare for our anniversary so that we could address where we have been and where we would like to be as a couple so that when date of our anniversary of marriage arrived and the rings are returned, it was a true celebration of togetherness.