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    Janson Pottery

    Colouring Clay

    When I was in college, one of my projects was to explore working with coloured clay. At the time, I wasn’t very interested in this topic and was indifferent about the piece that I made. When I look at this piece now, I feel differently about it. Exploring this topic had been on my mind for a while, so I started doing some research about where I wanted to go with this.

    I have some books that speak about working with making coloured clays and found that there wasn’t enough depth for my liking. I came across a book called, “Coloring Clays” by Jo Connell which contains a wealth of information and how to proceed in many different ways. It gives examples on how to incorporate the clays into throwing and also how to make up amazing blocks of colours and patterns that astounded me with their complexity. 
    I decided that I would try my hand at making up some coloured clay beads and so far have been happy with most of the results. One of things that I have always loved about working in clay is that there are so many ways to explore this medium that it is never dull. I am going to slip some tiles this week so that I can have an easy reference on colours that I make up. 

    Here is a great article from Ceramic Arts Daily about making up coloured clays.