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    Janson Pottery

    Garlic Garlore

    I love garlic. It is one of those plants that is fairly easy to grow. Some people say, “Why bother? It is so cheap coming out of China.” I like my food as organic as possible and I am a true believer and
    supporter of the 100 mile diet. I like to support local as much as possible.

    A friend my mine’s husband used to work close to a farmer who garlic that is pesticide free. Apart from what we grow, I always found that there was a lack of good garlic around in the winter, so we purchase a lot from this particular farmer and it lasts all winter.  There is a huge difference in taste when it comes out of your own backyard as opposed to thousands of kilometres away.

    If you keep garlic in a cool, dark place, it keeps well for quite a while. My grandparents did this 60 or 70 years ago with food that they grew in their garden.

    So this friend asked me if I could make her a huge honkin’ garlic keeper. It holds about 6 bulbs of garlic and it measures 5″h and the opening has a 4” diameter. Now that is complete, I wonder how many others find the average keeper too small for their everyday kitchen needs?