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    Janson Pottery

    Get Outside

    We have an usually warm spring and so it is late May and we have our whole garden planted. I think I may have planted these radishes too close together.

    For the first time, I came across an eyed click beetle which I was totally fasinated by. It is the largest member of the click beetle family in Ontario. One day this week when I was working and it flew into the room as I had the door open. It arched its body and then flipped its end over in the air and still managed to land on its feet.

    I also came across a wolf spider which are wandering hunters. They do not spin webs and can still produce silk from the “spinneret” glands in their abdomen. Most of the time they hang out in grassy places where they search for other bugs.

    It doesn’t feel like we have had much of spring so far and before you know it Father’s Day will be here. I am off to finish glazing in this heat. I hope it is cooler where you are.