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    Janson Pottery


    I have just come off of a 10 day cleanse and then spent 2 days coming back onto solid food. Coming back onto solid food was an eye opening experience and has caused me to re-examine my relationship with with I eat.
    I love to read about health. I am now spending more time figuring out how I can make healthier meals for myself and my family. I think when we spend time preparing food it speaks volumes about who we are as people. I have found myself over the last number of weeks leading up to this time being eternally grateful for all that I have in my life.

    When I was at yoga a couple of weeks back, I found myself in a somewhat challenging posture and I found myself being grateful that I was able to do it after years of attending classes. I think that being thankful for all that we have in our lives is an amazing way to attract more wonderful things in our lives. I am not speaking about monetarily but in many other ways. The people that we attract, the experiences that we have and the consciousness with the way that we treat one another. In this technological world that we are living in, I like to make it my mission to stop and appreciate each and every day and all of the wonder that surrounds us.

    I am truly grateful for the work that I do and in keeping with the theme of taking care, realize how much the work that I do affects my body and every day take note of how I can take care of it each and everyday. I used to make excuses about why I couldn’t exercise before starting work. I see that as my body ages , it is becoming just as important as eating good food.
    Being unhappy with the world and the way we see it starts with each and every one of us everyday. Be the change you would like to see.