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    Janson Pottery

    The Pinch Pots of Quarantine

    Quarantine has been hard. We are pushing on over a month and a half now. I decided to put together a pinch pot kit for my community. Most people had never had any experience with clay. 

    It has been a gift watching members of my community come together in so many supportive ways. When this virus hit our province, I knew that once I got past the initial shock that our lives had changed and that we didn’t have the freedom to move about as we were accustomed to and we would be looking for different things to do. What route could we choose that would be one of growth and exploration could bring us together while exploring something new?  Since the weather wasn’t quite nice enough to be outside, I thought an introduction to pottery would be a good place to begin. The results were amazing.

    I am certain an enjoyable time was had by all the artists. I am looking forward to firing all of their great pieces and returning them so that they can be enjoyed every day.