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    Janson Pottery

    Moon Cycles

    I love autumn and watching the weather change. All the leaves are changing on the trees and the dying away is imminent. For those of us who live in this four season landscape, it is a time for pulling and re-examining even hibernating. This is also true of our lives on a continuous basis. As the moon cycles come and go, l believe that how we feel about everything around us.

    I love to watch the moon and usually without looking at the calendar, I know what point the cycle is it. It has always seemed to be a very powerful force in my life.

    When we are on a new moon cycle, it is good time to have an awareness of new is coming into your life and what their needs and expectations are of you. This is considered a lower energy time. A time for the completion of old tasks and activities and the preparation for new ones.
    Everything is considered to be in a lull at this time, life energy, emotions and physiological activity. It is often thought not the best time to start new projects but it may represent the end of a cycle with a new project or job coming up. So in essence the ending of something in preparation for the beginning of something new.

    When we are in a new moon to second quarter cycle, also known as a waxing moon, this is a positive time to get things done. Thoughts are best focused on the creation and starting of things. Easiest to think of it from a farming perspective. Waxing is a time for planting and growing.

    In the second quarter cycle which is where we are today, this often a turning point in a situation, project or idea. I know from experience that this seems to be the point where my energy picks up and I am able to bring a project to completion.

    A waxing gibbous moon means to slowly increase and the intensity increases at this point just before the Full Moon Cycle. Listening skills tend to be less evident and people get more engaged and focused during this time.

    We don’t have a full moon until the 10th of November. Do you pay attention to the moon and your energy levels? I have a lot to get completed before a show that I am having this month, so I am going to see if my energy gets pushed up a notch to get everything done.