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    Janson Pottery

    Planting Day

    A few weeks ago, it finally warmed up enough to get our garden planted. Over the winter, I read a couple of good gardening books. The first one was “Carrots Love Tomatoes” which was suggested to me by Erin Chapelle of Karma Marketplace in Penetanguishene. It discusses companion planting in your garden and although I was a bit behind, I did manage a garden layout with this in mind.

    Another awesome book that I read was “From Seed to Table” which gave me a detailed idea of exactly what I needed to do to prepare our garden in the months leading up to planting and as a novice gardener, this was exactly what I needed. 
    We got all of our plants and seeds ready that day and began our planting. We got out our trusty rain barrel to water our garden as necessary. 

    We found lots of interesting bugs and even though it is hard work, we had good fun knowing that the fruits of our labour would provide us with fresh healthy nutritious food.

    Someone suggested to me that it would be a good idea to mark where and what you plant, so it has been an inspiration to continue making garden markers.

    If you can, get outside and plant a garden. If you aren’t able to have a garden where you live, check around to see if there is a community garden in your area. You will be glad you did!