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    Janson Pottery

    Reassessing Work

    I love to read books on Ceramics. Recently, I completed another book by one of my favourite potters, Robin Hopper. There is always so much to explore. So many clay bodies, types of firings, a huge range of surface decoration options and the list goes on. One of the wonderful things about working in clay is that the options for exploration seem to be limitless.

    When I was in school, I was all about glazes and decorating with. When I left school and began a studio of my own in a big city, I had no choice but to work with an electric kiln.
    I believe that it is true that when one works with an electric kiln, that we have to work harder to make the surface more interesting. I think that when you have a strong form to begin with, it makes a bigger difference.
    Lately, I have been examining where I am with forms that I make and concentrating on making the ones that speak to make. Periodically, I feel the need to reassess where I am with my work. Every potter develops their own style and I came to realize that the forms that I made 15 years ago, still speak to me today. They have changed in a number of ways because we change as we evolve with our work. When I look at the work of others, I find that I can become transfixed on either strong glazing applications or strong lines within the form.
    When I moved away from Toronto 5 years ago, I found that all of my work underwent a big transformation. I made a lot of functional pieces from slabs (flat pieces of clay) laid into templates that my husband made for me. I decorated with slip and then sprayed layers of glazes. I loved that work and still do today. These days I am working on a new dinnerware line which I have decided to throw on my wheel. I haven’t made the big plates or finished the mugs yet. This is my work in progress. I would feedback if anyone is willing to share it. Tell me what you like and what you don’t like. I would appreciate. It makes me a better potter.