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    Janson Pottery

    Shaving Scuttle

    When my daughter was born, I scoured the Internet for products that were free of chemicals for babies and children. Their bodies are so pure and there are claims made by body-care companies that their products are all natural. I came across many websites with a wealth of information on additives and chemicals in shampoo, soap, and many other body products. The deeper that I dug, the more I realized there was a lot of information that could be uncovered and it wasn’t going to be all natural. When we did our Lamaze class at Serenity Birth Studio in Barrie, Ontario, she recommended using olive oil for a baby’s bottom instead of creams or baby oil which is a petroleum by product.

    One of the things that came to my attention was Triethanolamine and Isobutane. Both of these ingredients are found in foam shaving cream. Over the years, I have brought these issues to my other half’s attention.  I mentioned that one day, I would make him a shaving mug and he could use with a shaving soap that would be much better for his skin and his health. When I was thinking about how to design this piece, I thought it would it be a good idea to have a reservoir where the shaving soap could be kept warm and would lather easily. So, I designed a piece where there was a place for hot water below the soap.  I purchased some shaving soap from a fellow Estian and gave my husband this piece to test out. Since having given to him, he says that he gets a closer shave and that his skin is softer.  I made a second one for my brother in law for his birthday and he has been a shaving soap all of his life. I understand that he quite likes his as well.  I think that I would tweek couple of design spots on this one and will make more soon as I have had positive feedback on this one so far. For a list of toxic ingredients in skincare products, see