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    Janson Pottery

    The Making of a Green Thumb

    I have always wanted to love dirt the way that I love clay, so this year I have put myself right in the middle of learning the gardening process. Even though it has been cool and rainy for the last little while, this weather has really allowed everything to become very green and lush.  Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, it has caused the pollen to really explode and wreak havoc on their sinuses. My hubby is out cutting the grass this morning and here is an image out at the back of our home today.

    Last year, I read “The 100 Mile Diet”  and this really drove the buy local concept home for me. So much nutrition is lost in transportation and for some time I had been thinking of taking charge of our garden as I thought if I can eat something right off the plant, it can’t get any fresher or more nutritous than that. 
    Even though I hit a few bumps in the road getting prepared for our garden, I still managed to get quite a few plants started. I purchased a few strawberry plants which we will get planted this long weekend. 

    This year, I was also invited to participate in the garden tour which has been running for 20 years and this year the profits are going to support the Midland Public Library. Information about the tour and where you can purchase tickets are available here.
    In keeping with our own garden and keeping gardeners in mind with the tour, I have been trying to stick to gardening related ideas. I am currently working on a number of bud vases and recently completed some garden stakes, planters and cups with daisies on them. They are available in my Etsy shop and some jewellery pieces will soon. 

    Happy Gardening!