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    Janson Pottery

    Working with Handmade Buttons

    I love buttons. They can make a beautiful piece of clothing or a knitted sweater just pop or maybe to give new life to an old piece. So many things are made by machines or in faraway places. If it all possible, I love to shop closer to home and to buy handmade.
    All of the buttons that I make are individually handmade and sometimes glazes in layers of colours.

    All of my buttons are made by hand forming discs of porcelain. Sometimes I like to stamping them with handmade stamps, put decals on them or impress wildflowers into them. Each piece is made and glazed individually no two pieces are ever identical. High fired porcelain is more durable than you may think. All of these buttons are machine washable.

    Here is a couple of beautiful examples of how it change the look of a piece.